The Pride of Kathleen Ensembles

The Band Department at Kathleen High School is home to several ensembles. Offering Marching, Concert, Jazz, and Pep ensembles for band; and Color Guard and Dance ensembles for Eurhythmics. All students attending Kathleen High School and Central Florida Aerospace Academy are eligible to join any of the ensembles. From beginners to advanced students we have a spot for you. The department hosts several concerts and events throughout the year. In addition, students participate in several district events, such as Solo & Ensemble, All Count Band, Florida Band Masters Association Musical Performance Assessments (MPA), and several district and regional competitions each year.

Available Courses


Beginning Band – This course is for first year band students and no experience is required. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of music, how to play an instrument, and participate in the Concert Band.

BAND 3 - 6

The program offers several course levels of band. The band course level is based on the students years of previous experience in band. If the student was enrolled in band in middle school, the student would be enrolled in one of these courses based on years enrolled in middle school band. Students enrolled in any of these band courses participate in the Marching Band, Symphonic Band, and Pep Band. In addition, the students are eligible to join one of the Jazz Bands.


The program offers two Jazz Band courses, Jazz 1 & 2. Jazz 1 is beginning Jazz Band and for students with no previous experience in Jazz Band. Jazz 2 is advanced Jazz Band, and for students with previous experience in Jazz Band. In order to enroll in Jazz Band students must be enrolled in one of the band 3-6 course levels.


The Band Program offers course 3 levels of Eurythmics. These courses focus on the art of performing dances, flag, riffle, and pam movements and routines in rhythm to music. Students interested in learning dance and/or color guard must enroll in these courses. Eurythmics 1 is for beginners with no previous experience in dance or color guard. Eurythmics 2 & 3 are for students with previous, intermediate, or advanced level experience in dance or color guard. Students enrolled in any of these courses participate on the Dance and Color Guard teams. 

Advance Placement (AP) Music Theory

The band program at Kathleen offers an AP Music Theory course. In this course students will learn to recognize, understand, and describe the basic materials and processes of music. Students develop skills by listening to, reading, writing, and performing a wide variety of music. Developing skills to Identifying features of pitch, interval, scales and keys, chords, meter, rhythm, and other musical concepts in performed and notated music.



Established in 1950, and known as “The hottest band in the land”. The Pride of Kathleen Red Devil Marching Band has a long tradition of musical excellence and community service. To be a member of the marching band you must be academically strong, physically fit, and eager to learn. The marching band performs in the Fall at KHS football games, Florida Band Masters Association Marching MPA, and competitions in and around tthe district.

Photograph of KHS Band Drum Major doing a Jazz Split on the 50 yard line during a halftime performance at a football game. Source: Band Dad Media
Photograph of KHS Band Inferno Color Guard student performing a solo for a Solo and Ensemble event in the Spring Semester of 2021. Source: Band Dad Media


The Inferno Color Guard performs with the band, and as a separate ensemble throughout the year. During the Fall, they perform with the marching band at games and parades. In the Winter, they perform as the Winter Guard at the annual Winter Concert and with the Marching band at parades. During the Spring, they perform at concerts, competitions, the district Solo & Ensemble event, and on campus and around the community.


The Concert Band is made up of committed and talented students who want to push their musical abilities in the concert setting. Members are exposed to a diverse range of music from different time periods. The program is focused on building musical repertoire and enhancing musical performance skills of students. The ensemble participates in concerts and district events throughout the Spring Semester.

Photograph of students performing with French horns in the KHS Symphonic Band at a concert. Source: Band Dad Media
Photograph of KHS Blazing Dancerrette Dancing in a red dress during halftime show on the football field. Source: Band Dad Media

The Blazing Dancerettes

The Blazing Dancerettes is the dance team for the Marching Red Devil Band. The Dancerettes is the “HEAT” and representation of dance, elegance, excellence, and academics. The dancers learn many styles of dance such as jazz, hip-hop, modern dance, ballet, etc. Participation includes daily practice schedules, performance during fall marching season including football games, pep-rallies, parades, and competitions. The Winter and Spring season includes the district Solo & Ensemble, competitions, and  school concerts.

Jazz Band

The Kathleen High School Jazz Band operates in both the Fall and Spring semesters. The Jazz Band is comprised of a small ensemble of students who perform Blues and Jazz music at concerts throughout the year. In addition, the Jazz band performs at the Florida Band Masters Association Jazz MPA and small events around campus and the community. Students in the ensemble are exposed to advanced music theory concepts such as improvisation, chord progressions, and the incorporation of the major and minor scales.

khs jazz band students playing saxophones at a concert Spring 2021. Source: Band Dad Media
Photograph of KHS Band drum line performing in a halftime show at a KHS vs Lakeland High School football game. Source: Band Dad Media


The Drum Line is an integral part of the band program at Kathleen High School. They set the tempo and impress with their swing and rhythm. In the Fall, they perform with the Marching Band alongside the Color Guard and Dance ensembles at football games and events. In Winter, they march alongside them in parades and events. The Drum Line also performs in Concerts, Solo & Ensemble, and on campus throughout the year.

Pep Band

The Pride of Kathleen Pep band was created to expand on our support for the KHS athletics teams into the Spring. Students are selected to be apart of the Pep Band. The primary function of the band is to perform at basketball games, and  other small functions around campus and the community.

KHS Pep Band Performing at a basketball game in the gym