Discover the Enriching Ensembles at Kathleen High School

Welcome to the vibrant world of Kathleen High School’s Band Department, where students can explore a diverse range of ensembles such as Marching, Concert, Jazz, and Pep for band, as well as Color Guard and Dance for Eurhythmics. Open to all students attending Kathleen High School and Central Florida Aerospace Academy, our program caters to beginners and advanced musicians alike. Participate in numerous concerts, events, and district activities, including Solo & Ensemble, All County Band, Florida Band Masters Association Musical Performance Assessments (MPA), and various competitions throughout the year.

Exciting Courses to Ignite Your Passion for Music


Embark on your musical journey with Beginning Band, designed for first-year students with no prior experience. Learn the fundamentals of music, play an instrument, and perform in the Concert Band.

BAND 3 - 6

Catering to varying levels of experience, our band courses are tailored to match your previous involvement in band programs. Immerse yourself in Marching Band, Symphonic Band, and Pep Band while also being eligible to join one of our Jazz Bands.


Delve into the world of jazz with our two Jazz Band courses. Jazz 1, for newcomers, and Jazz 2, for experienced musicians. Enrollment in Jazz Band requires concurrent participation in a Band 3-6 course.


Explore the art of dance, flag, rifle, and palm movements with our three Eurythmics courses. Perfect for beginners or experienced dancers and color guard members, these courses provide opportunities to perform with the Dance and Color Guard teams.

Advance Placement (AP) Music Theory

Enhance your understanding of music with our AP Music Theory course. Develop vital skills by listening, reading, writing, and performing a wide variety of music while mastering concepts like pitch, intervals, scales, chords, and rhythm.

Unforgettable Ensembles to Showcase Your Talent


Also known as “The hottest band in the land”. Be part of the prestigious Pride of Kathleen Red Devil Marching Band, renowned for musical excellence since 1950. Perform at KHS football games, Florida Band Masters Association Marching MPA, and district competitions. Strengthen your academic and physical prowess while learning eagerly.

Photograph of KHS Band Drum Major doing a Jazz Split on the 50 yard line during a halftime performance at a football game. Source: Band Dad Media


Join the versatile Inferno Color Guard, performing with the band and as a separate ensemble throughout the year. Participate in Fall football games and parades, Winter Guard at the Winter Concert, Spring concerts, competitions, and district Solo & Ensemble events.


Push your musical abilities with the Concert Band, exploring diverse music from different time periods. Focus on building repertoire and enhancing performance skills, while participating in concerts and district events throughout the Spring Semester.

Photograph of students performing with French horns in the KHS Symphonic Band at a concert. Source: Band Dad Media
KHS Embers majorettes in band room as a group holding roses as they were selected to be part of the team

The Embers

Represent dance, elegance, and academics with the Embers. Learn various baton styles, perform during Fall marching season at football games, pep rallies, parades, competitions, and school concerts in the Winter and Spring.

Jazz Band

Dive into Blues and Jazz with the Kathleen High School Jazz Band. Perform at concerts, Florida Band Masters Association Jazz MPA, and small events on campus and in the community. Expose yourself to advanced music theory concepts like improvisation, chord progressions, and major and minor scales.

khs jazz band students playing saxophones at a concert Spring 2021. Source: Band Dad Media
Photograph of KHS Band drum line performing in a halftime show at a KHS vs Lakeland High School football game. Source: Band Dad Media


Become an essential part of the Kathleen High School band program with the Drumline. Set the tempo and impress with your swing and rhythm. Perform with the Marching Band, Color Guard, and Dance ensembles at football games, parades, concerts, Solo & Ensemble, and on-campus events.

Pep Band

Expand your support for KHS athletics with the Pride of Kathleen Pep Band. Selected students perform at basketball games and other small functions on campus and within the community, showcasing their dedication to school spirit.

KHS Pep Band Performing at a basketball game in the gym