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Our goal is to ensure this site remains a reliable, current, and accurate resource for parents and students. However, we understand that changes can happen frequently. We encourage you to visit this page regularly to stay informed about updates and essential information tailored for you.

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Student Fees & Dues

Annual Student Dues

The annual dues covers the costs for items like shirts, food, transportation, and other necessities for students throughout the year. All student must choose the link below for their respective ensemble.

Jumpsuit Payment

An additional mandatory purchase of a jumpsuit that will be frequently worn, serving as a replacement for heavy overcoats during certain performances. This uniform requirement is key for maintaining a cohesive look among all students. The price of the jumpsuit will be specified in the link below:

Marching Shoes Payment

All band students must purchase specific marching shoes to wear during field performances. The link below has a form for purchasing these shoes.

Shirt Size Survey

All students will receive one band shirt. The form below will tell us what size the student needs so that we can order appropriately  

Documents & Resources

Student Information

  • KHS Band Handbook
    All students are expected to understand and adhere to the expectations outlined in this handbook.
  • High School Band Camp Thrival Guide
    A guide help to prepare students for their first Summer Band Camp.
  • Medical forms & Procedures
    Please review these forms and select the form(s) that pertain to your student. At the minimum the 
  • Authorization for Medical Treatment: Field Trips 
    Form is required to be fill out and notarized at the beginning of each school year or semester to participate in Band, Color Guard, and Dance.
  • Physical Education Restrictions Form
    Band, Majorettes and Color Guard are physical activities. This form is required regarding any physical education restrictions of your child. This will enable us to plan for the most appropriate physical activities for your child.
  • Blanket Field Trip Permission Form
    This form is required to participate in Band, Dance, and Color Guard at the beginning of every school year or semester.
  • One-time Field Trip Form
    This form is required for one-time use for special field trips. The Band Director will advise and provide information when this form is required.

Volunteer Information

Social Media Links

  • Public Facebook Page
    The official Facebook Page where we post events and news to be shared with the public.
  • Public Instagram Page
    The official Instagram Page where we news, events, and share photos and videos with the public.
  • Public SoundCloud
    The official SoundCloud Page where we share audio recordings of performances from the bands.
  • Public YouTube Channel
    The official YouTube Channel where we share video recordings of performances from the bands.