The Kathleen High School Band program welcomes help from all current and alumni parents/guardians, alumni, school staff, and members of the community. 

It is the expectation that all current parents/guardians be involved and participate in volunteer opportunities for the band program. This is to ensure the program is able to continue offering students opportunities, and the most positive experience possible.

Whether hemming uniforms, assisting with fundraisers, pulling the band trailer, chaperoning, working concessions, helping build props, servicing equipment, helping prepare for events, contacting other volunteers, taking photos, holding doors, or helping with planning. There is something you can do to get involved and help out. The more people who help out, the easier it is to offer more opportunities to all students of the program. 

KHS band volunteer working in the band concessions stand at a football game

Register & Get Involved!

All volunteers working with and around students must register, and be approved by Polk County Public Schools (PCPS). The registration and approval process for PCPS includes background check and a cool badge to wear. The fee for for the registration, background check, and  awesome badge is $25 and can take up to 3 weeks to process. You can find out more information and register through the button below.

Register with the Band

To volunteer with the band program, we need your contact information to get in touch with you about volunteer opportunities. We expect all volunteers to fill out and submit the survey below to ensure we have up-to-date contact information, and are able to reach you for future volunteer opportunities.

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