• Band May Just Make You Smarter: The benefits of being exposed to a music education have been well-documented. Marching band utilizes all of the concepts of fine musicianship practiced in the concert hall. The wrinkle comes when you add the physical movement to the existing musical and emotional components. That truly is multitasking at its best and has distinct added neurological benefits!
  • Respect of Self, Others, & Hierarchy: Band members can develop deep self respect, respect for others in their own sections, a thorough knowledge of their individual section role as well as what their function is in the ensemble as a whole. Without personal development, rehearsals would be chaotic and nothing would get done to improve. As important, students must also have an understanding and appreciation for the leadership hierarchy of a band – from the director, to the drum major, to the section leader, to the individual performer. This understanding and willingness to thrive and improve within that hierarchy allows bands to flourish. This leadership hierarchy can be found in higher education as well as the corporate, military, and manufacturing worlds that the students may find themselves a part in post – high school.
  • Relationships: Band offers a camaraderie that is second to none. When people experience hard work for a common purpose, enjoy the thrill of the positive experiences as well as the sorrows of defeat, they grow in appreciation of each other. Some of the best long – term friendships made were developed in band activities at the high school and college levels.
  • Financial/Time Management: Band demands a student be financial and time aware. Students must know when it’s time to load, dress, warm up, perform, eat, etc. They must do all of this on a pre-assigned allotment of funds to get through the day. They must work to fundraise for equipment, uniforms, and trips.  All of these skills will allow them to be fiscally responsible adults.
  • Travel: This component is one of the most important. You would be amazed at the large percentage of students who have never traveled out of their city, or region. There are students who, due to financial and other constraints, are not able to travel outside of their city or state, and are certainly never offered the opportunity of a vacation in the summer or fall months. Band gives all students the opportunity to experience places and events they might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience.
  • Friendly Competition: Band offers competition that is friendly and fair. Although judging can at times be somewhat subjective, rubrics are in place to evaluate and reward performance in a way that is objective as possible, and gives credit to both content and performance. In band, students learn to win or lose gracefully. Students, band fans, and directors encourage each other to do their best and recognize the effort it takes to put on a quality show. It is often said that “the band always wins”.
  • Creative Performance Outlet: For students who just want to perform, marching band is the place to be! The entire performance area is a stage where performers do not wait in the “wings” for their performance opportunity to begin. Performers are required to be “on” and in character at all times. Because marching band focuses on the visual aspect of performance as much as musical aspects, all members are responsible for performing in an emotional and artistic way that carries meaning for their show.

    Stage presentation is a life skill taught in marching band that is often overlooked. Marching band performers must present themselves in a way that reflects confidence and pride.  The performers look is not shy. Shoulders are back, chins are up, and the performer presents a look that engages judges and audience members alike. This elevated level of presentation serves performers well later in life– such as when they need to present to a Board of Directors, lector at a church, or take a job interview.
  • Leadership and Discipline: Band allows for students to gain skills in leadership and discipline. Uniformity of both musical and visual performance, carriage, bearing, style, and focus are required in band. Servant leadership is a key component to student marching bands. Section leaders, coaches, and drum majors are just some of the roles taken that can be taken on by student leadership in the band. These student leaders learn how to effectively communicate and offer positive reinforcement and constructive criticism to their peers. Many are also able to utilize skills in conflict management and problem solving to move the group forward.
  • Inclusive Participation: One of the most wonderful attributes about band is its inclusivity. You don’t need to play an instrument to be in band. There are other performance areas, such as color guard, dance, media lead, etc. Often times, band can serve as a student’s introduction to the school band program at a time when the opportunity didn’t seem possible. In addition, students with special needs and physical disabilities can be encouraged to participate and share their talents with fellow band members and audiences.
  • Physical Benefits: Marching band provides rigorous exercise. Participants undergo aerobic and cardio workouts during rehearsals and performances, as well as muscular development carrying instruments and using correct marching style. Looking to get 10,000 steps in a day? Try a parade marching band rehearsal! 
  • Community Service: Band itself is a community service, but in addition, students will have many opportunities to serve their school, and community throughout the year.

YES! We have members who attend both school on KHS and CFAA campus. The schools provide transportation via buses back to the KHS campus for band classes daily. In addition, Rehearsals are generally right after school, so finding transportation to rehearsals isn’t generally an issue. This also allows students the opportunity to study before practices.

Absolutely! We have students in the program who also play basketball, football, volleyball, and other sports. In addition, we have students who are members of the National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, SGA, etc.. Many students are apart of other extracurricular activities and are still able to be committed members of The Pride of Kathleen Band.

Band Camp is a daily event on campus, that lasts one to two weeks. Students are dropped off in the morning, and picked up in the evening. There, students will get their instruments if needed, the music for the Fall semester, meet the Director, staff, and peers. Rehearsals usually begin after the formalities are over with. This usually consists of warmups, going over music, and learning the drill. Of course students do take breaks and this is a great opportunity for them to get to know one another. Content

When school begins, rehearses are usually 2-3 days a week, and take place both in the band room and outside on the football fields. Rehearsals begin about an hour after school lets outs and typically last between 2-4 hours. It is imperative that all members attend all practices. This is because the marching show is taught in segments, with new additions added each to week’s practices, and will be performed in the  field show at each Friday night at football game in the Fall.

Missing a practice will not only set the student back, but also the rest of the band.

On Friday nights in the Fall, the Marching Band performs at all KHS football games. This usually starts in the first week or two of school. There the students typically do the “pre-game show”, where they play the national anthem. Throughout the game the band plays “stand tunes” from the bleachers to cheer on the Red Devil Football team. At halftime, the band performs a field show to entertain the crowd.

By late October and November, the field show will be nearly complete, and the band will begin performing the field show at competitions around the district to prepare for the Florida Band Masters Association – Musical Performance Assessment (MPA). MPA is usually the marching bands final performance of the field show. This is where all the hard work in rehearsal comes together, and they are graded on several aspects of their performance. 

This is always a really exciting time for the students. Most students will say marching season is their favorite part of the Fall Semester.

The Inferno Color Guard and Blazing Dancerettes perform both with the band, and as a separate ensembles throughout the year. During marching season they practice and perform alongside the marching band at football games, parades, and events.

During concert season they perform in indoor concerts and recitals.

In the Summer and Fall, their rehearsal schedules are the same as the marching band’s. They are required to attend the annual Summer Band Camp and Workshops, and practices are usually 2-3 days a week. This is because their routines are an important component of the marching bands field show. Their flags and dancing provide much of the visuals for the marching bands field show.