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The Pride of Kathleen has something to offer students of all levels. By joining our unique program you are guaranteed the experience of a lifetime. The band program at Kathleen High School is focuses on the core principles of academic excellence, personal development, social enrichment, musical growth, group identity, recreative activity, school pride, and community service. These principals are not only vital to maintaining a healthy band program, but they also promotes a more productive high school experience students.

How to Join

The band program at Kathleen High School offers several extracurricular courses. All students who attend Kathleen High School and Central Florida Aerospace Academy are eligible to enroll in any of the courses. In addition, students attending Polk Virtual School, Florida Virtual School, and K12 are also eligible to enroll. To enroll, you will need to contact your guidance counselor to discuss adding one of the courses below to your schedule.

Available Courses


Beginning Band – For first year band students with no previous experience in band. Students will learn the fundamentals of reading and playing music, and find an instrument that suits them. The beginning band’s performance ensemble is Concert Band. They perform in the annual Winter Concert, and  participate in MPA events and other concerts in the Spring Semester.

BAND 3 - 6

Band course levels 3 thru 6 are for students wit previous band experience. The course level is based on the students years of previous experience in band. ie. If a student was enrolled in band in middle school, the student would be enrolled in one of these courses based on the their level of experience. Students enrolled in any of these courses participate in the Marching Band, Symphonic Band, and Pep Band. In addition, the students are eligible to join one of the Jazz Bands.


Jazz band is split into two course levels, Jazz 1 and 2. Jazz 1 is beginning Jazz Band and for students with no previous experience in Jazz. Jazz 2 is advanced Jazz Band, and for students with previous experience in Jazz. In order to participate in any of the Jazz Bands, students must be enrolled in one of the band 3-6 course levels.


Eurythmics has three course levels. These courses focus on the art of performing dances, flag, riffle, and pam movements in routines to create a visual representation of music. Students interested in learning dance and/or color guard must enroll in these courses. Eurythmics 1 is for beginners with no previous experience in dance or color guard. Eurythmics 2 & 3 are for students with previous, intermediate, or advanced level experience in either dance or color guard. Students enrolled in any of these courses participate on the Dance and Color Guard teams and perform with the band as separate ensembles throughout the year. 

Advance Placement (AP) Music Theory

In this course students will learn to recognize, understand, and describe the basic materials and processes of music. Students develop skills by listening to, reading, writing, and performing a wide variety of music. Developing skills to Identifying features of pitch, interval, scales and keys, chords, meter, rhythm, and other musical concepts in performed and notated music.

Interest Survey

Please fill out the interest survey below, so that the Director of Bands can reach out and assist with getting your student enrolled in the course(s) that best fit their goals and skill level. In addition, this will allow the Director of bands to communicate important information, dates, and events that students and parents will need to know about and prepare for. ie. Our annual 8th grade night events, music for the following semester, the Summer meetings, workshops, and camps, required equipment, and parent meetings.